X's Face/Talk

This is what X (Xtasorcery) looks like in Real Life:

He likes computers, books, self-developed Web sites, tidalside weather with bobbing buoys and the change of the seasons for water fowl, friends who are Dangerous as he is, and the games people play. Oh, and music. That most of all.

sneaking onto some ship, making a fist, capturing Vancouver, lose its wallet, captive man, the garden belongs to the crows, thrash around, hang upside-down from the pines, school was giving up on me, was definitely scary, lives for dreams, writing down your day, smooth, if the language can do justice to, clammed up [not-talk], hyping up, hot pursuit, the entire Call of Duty community, won’t have access to equipment like, Kill Confirm and Team Deathmatch will be joining the ranks of previous modes, while mixing with tried and true formulas to shake things up a bit, action-packed, connecting with, episode, their lives suck, a company best known for making electric skateboards, why Boosted is betting on scooters, additional favors, recreation infrastructure, was working to find a, suitable space, the project fits well under a Memorandum of Understanding, it’s an electric skateboard built around a single 6.5-inch-wide air-filled tire, tried out the baseball bat, two pressure-sensitive pads,

recently / JUST in time for / skateboarding enthusiast /

Three internal accelerometers and gyroscopes continuously measure the orientation of the board in space—its roll, pitch, and yaw. The entire system needs to be reimagined but Gates’ energy thinking is rooted to the grid.