The NYT Circus Bomb

I was reading an opinion piece in the New York Times by Thomas L. Friedman today. You can’t forget the “L”. In previous centuries, he would have undoubtedly been “T.L. Friedman”, but with the onrush of women into the workplace, men are — secretly — newly hurried to self-identify as “men”, not “women”. J.K. Rowling’s […]

Soaring car

1456 Deepdive Vektor, Edgeworld “Kinetic Life” by Xtasorcery The car was soaring up and Kinetic Jake — Jake 2 — reached out 4 fingers to the door handle. He grazed it, then paused, then gripped it more firmly. The clouds were going by fast now, and this was his last chance. Jake slid into the […]


2422 Main St., Pulpfiction Books, established in 2000, Vancouver The longest night of the year marks the time, according to her culture’s superstitions, their typical group mind (feigling whether ordinary or special) when they must return to Ontario. It’s been good — they smack hands together, rousing flour dust — but it’s time to get […]


1046 Granville St., Regal Hotel, subsidized per-unit housing, Vancouver “Soulfire” by Xtasorcery Tyler arched his back, and a blue fire spread up and down his spine. His shirt ripped open. He screamed, “No — no — no –” and tried to reach behind to beat at his own flesh. Samantha was standing by a 9-foot […]