Cat people

“The cat people of Toronto” by Xtasorcery              The king cat knelt, purring deeply. It had the scent of prey in its nostrils, and was on the hunt.              Waving an arm forward, it indicated the others should follow. They raced down the alley together, some 20 cat people in their cat-forms, the indigo colored […]

A little “Russia Doll” made of little artist-figures

Russia was derisively called “Upper Volta with missiles” — the missiles in question being nuclear, naturally.              Lodged between First and Third World, the professional economist — not to mention the political scientist — had a hard time pinning that country down. Some of its technological products were remarkable. The AK-47 was the most dependable […]

Bracelet with “Journeyism” in block letters, power blasting

“The dreamer’s disease”. What on earth could that be?              There is a new religion floating around. Journeyism. It aspires to raise consciousness to a new level. It revolves around the sun. It seeks multiple suns out, out there, way beyond the Milky Way.              The pantheon of gods gives way to a Monotheistic God […]