All the world’s a meme

This is . . . . In science fiction, there’s a meme-generator of a computer called One True. He uses highly advanced biotechnical techniques to brainwash the surviving population into his way of thinking. . . . . Television is the One True, today. It remains to be seen how far in can take […]

The euro-u.s. war

This is . . . . In a great global war between the two preeminent superpowers, Europe and America, who would win? . . . . America has the advantage of being one-language, one-economy. But there are many more Europeans — a hundred million or more Euros. Europe has lost its taste for war, […]

Sure that she’s gone

This is . . . . Jealousy is done. The ever-piqued Jealous One is gone, she is gone, hallelujah she is gone from the West Coast! Do not — cry! — for me / laugh alongside your devilish host @@ bows, turns slightly twitching the long black coattails @@ @@ twitching my nose fetchingly […]


This is . . . . Size of enterprise matters when you scale up too high. Whether corporation or bureaucracy, a growth of tens of thousands makes intimacy hard if not impossible to achieve. . . . . Imagine you run a corporation. You’re the CEO. The Board of Directors has entrusted you with […]