Primus Inter Pares / Animal "Bestiality"

900 Howe St., Waves, coffee shop, Vancouver

I am using the Internet to expand the size of my immediate circle of friends, acquaintances and allies in order to achieve my vision.

I sense that things are not going good out there in the World. There is greater turmoil than meets the eye. This dampens down naturally on the native curiosity of others.

But my vision is never dampened down. It is frisky as a ferret in the hands. I use Gmail for my email and WordPress for longer posts. I visit different blogs to leave my mark — or I’m starting to.

I’ve started and left many websites behind of my own. The time wasn’t right, and I was doing other things. The website thing was basically a time-burner. But this is the real thing, the real deal.

One of my friends talks about Great Men all the time. I hope he’s right. But Great Men often fail. They have enemies close and far. In a sense, their visions aren’t comprehensive enough, while mine are almost too comprehensive. Today I decided Vancouver + 20 years. That’s not too long. I’ll be enjoying my time during that span of time. I’ll be doing my thing. If I fall and scrape my knees occasionally, I can get up. It was raining again today in Vancouver. Much of the time before now was dry, and now we’re in a wet phase. I confess, I like the rain, though it might be better to bore through the mountains and set up big fans to blow through humidity-laden air out into wider plains. My life is like that. Big modifications, ready to happen the moment I get the right resources. *Xtasorcery slowly closing hand*

I have in mind a total of a dozen or so men. I believe, if I can contact them, all will accept. Their lives, whether understood to them or not, all suck. The suckitude is great in their existences because of their dreams. A dream is but a smaller vision. They know they have to hitch their reins to a greater star that’s ascending in the sky, but they don’t know where to find such a being, a vision . . .

*Xtasorcery stands with hands on hips*

Well look no further.

$ Move slowly in selection, fast in execution

$ Trust the bravado more than the other kinds; the ones who beat their chests will feel a necessity to carry through their words

$ Talent comes in buckets when it rains, so bring your talent to Vancouver if you can get here

The travelirs who slept last night turned and met in unison a grand wall or tapestry. Their hands were soft and hot. Their hearts were steady and fast. In unison, they moaned and shook off what they were experiencing. However many they might have been, they were a good size group. I, Xtasorcery, dreamt of fame; this is my destiny to achieve in times to come, through music!, and other means . . . wellness will come when I have time to run. Right now I am soft and weak. I am vulnerable. I am like a pod waiting to grow. But I am not far from superiority; this superiority will fall in my outstretched hands to be caught before it can implode . . .

{edit 12/19/19. Rambling edit —

Last nite, approaching midnight, another tenant in the complex called me “Captain”. He didn’t really seem to be jesting. What if you mean to tip over such a non-conscious entity like a sleeping cow? Or fucking it up the rear end for the joy of it? It would be no more than bestiality. Twice other times too. Other instances of “nice” behavior. At 7-Eleven, in the pitch darkness pressing outside the door, a guy materializes and stoically seems to hold the door open for me. And at my own complex, again, someone fishes a key to the front door out and sweepingly opens it. The best moments in life seem to be the strangest, boss.}

One thought on “Primus Inter Pares / Animal "Bestiality"

  1. “I’ve started and left many websites behind of my own. The time wasn’t right, and I was doing other things. The website thing was basically a time-burner. But this is the real thing, the real deal.”

    I hope that is true.


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