Perpetual squint and knifeblade edge

This is

. . . . The Mongols and the Alexandrine Greeks were the only two nations that made their only mission in life expansionistic, outward-bound total warfare in history. Success bred success for both of them.

. . . . Alexander the Great we’ll talk about in another X-piece. This piece is about Genghis.

. . . . The early personal history of the man is in doubt. The records claim he was booted out of one clan, then the clan captured him back and wanted him at a later date. Also, personal feelings are curiously absent from the chronicle. If you wanted to make out a man to be a colossus, that’s exactly what you want to do, Xtasorcery muses, but if you want to sketch out a realistic portrait not so much.

. . . . Later facts are more believable, as they relate to military matters and are widely known facts.

. . . . Genghis Khan did the opposite of what custom said he should do. He was a military maverick. Where Napoleon and countless others around the world put close relatives in important roles Genghis Khan looked only for Ability with a capital A. If you could do the job, you had the job.

. . . . When it came to expanding the ranks from his fellow nomads, he only executed the leaders of tribes who would be resentful and churlish and childish about losing their power. He absorbed the larger blocks of men into his own units smoothly, putting them in units of 10 while ignoring their own relatives. They worked for the Mongol Nation, not their Family Kin and Clan. Certain minor details showed his flair. Looting, for instance, would have to wait till victory was signaled. Premature looting — like premature ejaculation — could mess up all the matter. Genghis Khan was an animist, a believer of the magic of nature, but he had all manner of religious followers working for him.

. . . . His improvements, X believes, are varied on how good they were. For example, you couldn’t enslave women. That seems like a terrible move. But he civilized things up with a writing system and a postal system. Society that is civilized can leverage its power, true, but it will inevitably soften up the barbarians and bring up their downfall.

. . . . The start of Genghis Khan’s barbaric war-ready career took place nearby his Mongolian homeland. In a crescent sweep, where he was tested, tested repeatedly, he beat opponents by outwaiting them, using human shields, starving out the enemy and especially using false retreats, where you ride off, then wheel back and counterattack. His arc of attacks, almost all of which could be called “shit testing” by male paramours, led him to the first non-sliteyed empire, called Khwarezm Empire.

Getting a little too close for comfort

. . . . The Kh-boys killed reps of the Mongols. This made Mongols mad. Kh-reps violated agreements. Maybe they wouldn’t have been so harsh with normal trade guys, but these Mongols kept pushing and were getting too big for their britches.

. . . . They lost. Brutal siege victories followed brutal siege victories by the Mongols. The Khwarezmites regretted their testing. They just couldn’t believe this was happening. The Mongols only rode on horses. The empire had big cities. The disparity of forces should have been obvious. But it wasn’t. Genghis Khan, perhaps to his detriment, had to prove his worth and valuation. He did so, in the end. Jewelers and skilled craftsmen were saved by Genghis. Many of the rest were put to death.

. . . . We can create a fulsome composite image of the man Genghis was on the basis of all his actions, the doves and hawks he threw to the air to achieve his goals.

. . . . He was a pragmatic man. He didn’t let little things get in the way. He was passionate, but underneath his burning lava magma core there was a cool deal-with-it core that branched off cool icy strands, icy as the winter earth of his homeland. He had too many memories, and he drank to assuage them. He loved women, but thought they were a minor force and an irritation — to his downfall. Just like many other men have met their downfall at women’s hands. (This is why women allow men to underestimate them and even encourage it, with feminine cupped hands).

. . . . Genghis Khan was going on another sustained revenge war when his horse bucked him off. The injuries sustained grew worse and he died in 1227. Genghis Khan had conquered more than twice as much land as any other man in history, and stands in history graven with a stolid face and a boot on one crushed pained man’s face and another boot solidly up a woman’s vagina-slit beneath her dress. A statue to admire, to console — to regale with.

^ Use human shields ordinarily

^ Use flattery with your superiors. Mohammed used it with his elder-bitch-sow and Genghis, as a young Temujin with an expert bow and a handsome, appealing attitude may have done the same.

^ Gather droplets of the ocean until they become drops and then the ocean is eventually become at your disposal, with only reins needed

^ Never underestimate the power of the willful human female mind; they are against you, never for you

^ Attack where you’re least expected

^ Scout, with recon as a prelude to a full-on attack

^ Bite your tongue and let them underestimate you. Women have been doing so for millennia. Learn a little humility at mama’s knee

^ Set up a network of clacking women who will trade what they have for a taste of freedom in a man’s world. Actually, it’s a woman’s world in all important respects to them, but they’ll talk to you if you let them just make a salon of their own. Parisian France had them by the rat-‘s den full, let your Mongolian Empire have them too

^ Stop advancing with the army when you reach “that age”. For god’s sake, you’re not an animist spirit light as the zephyrs. You’re a man, and if a woman had something to do with fucking with you, you just opened yourself up to your greatest threat. The women wanted you to keep charging a bigger and bigger opponent and unexpectedly you… you won … The horse may have been just the trigger they needed. That is the most pressing and final lesson of all. Women are snakes. Don’t crowd them and don’t give them room to strike.

was written by Xtasorcery

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