Let me take a bite (the avenues)

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Apple Corporation is a place, a “state of mind,” a “California state of mind.” Nobody can live there. It gets awful cold in the corridors. But the worst part is that, like the “Hotel California,” you can’t ever get out. You get locked into their architectures. Shivering, ass slung out of shit-stained underwear (what, you wear underwear? how uncool), you stare at Google’s aquarium-of-a-headquarters longingly . . .

Apple corporate scorecard:

Leader alphatude: not relevant (gay)

Product widespread degree: modest

Areas of operation: consumer products, hi tech

Profitability: 91 out of 100

Location appropriateness: 85 out of 100

Danger in future: 45 out of 100

Summation: This behemoth got lucky when Steve Jobs came back, more mature from his stint with Pixar. Its current leader was admonished to “do his own thing” from Jobs, even though secretly Jobs may have wanted an imitator. Nonetheless, doing his own thing he is. Cook is setting sail for distant lands, distant . . . islands . . . each one representing a territory of profitability!

was written by Xtasorcery

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