Enslavement on a whole continental scale

Salvador Dali statue, “Space Venus”, at the intersection of West Hastings and Hornby St., Vancouver

It is Africa, spinning out among the varied & twisted planes of reality, and white Americans who lost the Revolutionary War of U.S. Independence have gone on to get a new footing . . . and hence, found a new reality — one in which black Africans are staked to the ground, anus to wood, blood trickling down . . . tens of thousands along the major new thoroughfares. The Draka are here now, and they are gunning for the old America. The Domination of the Draka is the society they have founded; it combines Southern charm with German warlike efficiency. There are no weaklings in the Domination. They are moving northward and eastward out of their ancient African cradle-lands. They are hungry. And they are prodded by a fear that they may lose . . . the ultimate terror for a warrior race that is “not numerous in size, nor well-liked by anyone.” But who needs to be well-liked, as long as your enemy is pinned down on his American back, and your Drakon self is raised the ax above him.

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