Act dirty: masculine sensuality beats game

1019 Seymour St., The Penthouse, strip club, Vancouver

Game is a skill, an art-form really, high not debased, whose practitioners are among the best at human deception and duplicity. They may experience heart palpitations in going up to a pretty girl, they may feel she’s “above them” in the human ranking scale, but they’re going to skim it with confidence and total aplomb, not minding anything she says, shooting down her missiles with ease and in the end bedding a willing lass with delight in her eyes.

But masculine sensuality is far better.

Game is based on the theory that the man is a loser or at least has no sexual characteristics, which is manifestly false.

Every man of whatever age offers a certain something. You may say the 20 year old lacks substance and is untamed. You may say the 35 year old is the perfect age. You may say the 50 year old, with his age lines appearing, is the crux of the matter, questionable and debatable, but I say all these ages and more merge into a building-sized dragon overarching a helpless girl-woman who feels him . . . if he lets her feel him.

Take a low-cut shirt. Show some skin. Lean back then. Feel sine waves of sexual vibrations cross the room and enter into your male body. You were built for this moment. Take it and seize it by the throat like a snake. Feel your own snake . . . stirring.

Eye contact can run 100 different flavors. Skimming the stone. Stone cold direct. Laser raking from left to right, up to down. Gently rising up to meet.

When you take her hand, do you give her a brief squeeze, or do you sing to her in an open-throated voice a song like “Father Figure” by George Michael (one of my favorites to sing to women in the dark). Girls thrill to the sound of song directed specifically at them, and for them.

If you have a flex in your arms, use it, for these are the equivalent of breasts in a chick. Lift yourself from behind onto a public arena’s pool table. Take a pool cue and slide it up and down in your hand, mime it, miming that you’re fucking her with it, or with a dildo, or anything else somethin’ somethin’ — USE YOUR FUCKIN’ FILTHY IMAGINATION. ACT DIRTY.

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