Cute-draped Xta

This is . . . . America has an Armed Forces that is open to exposure in a hundred ways. Its national capital is localized, with clustered institutions. Its naval forces keep getting slowly built up like a musclebound goliath. It innovates in areas that require no innovation, such as nonlethal weaponry through elecromagnetic […]


This is . . . . The longest night of the year marks the time, according to her culture’s superstitions, their typical group mind (feigling whether ordinary or special) when they must return to Ontario. It’s been good — they smack hands together, rousing flour dust — but it’s time to get back. . […]

The purple toga

This is . . . . Julius Caesar was a highly original master propagandist whose bullshit tactics matched his master military leader skills. He came from Rome. The Eternal City had produced general after general-leaders — imperators. He would not be the first to march on The City. He was perhaps the truest of […]

The purple blob

This is . . . . Sex between jellyfish is deeply peculiar, odd to the nth degree. There’s a mouth opening on their belly and the sperm gets shot out of this when the lady jellyfish is near. There’s two ways for the union of genes to happen: either she swims through the sperm, […]