Hurt me, bind me, resuscitate me

This is

. . . . There is a thread of masochism running through European history, as when Christian penitents lashed themselves on their backs for their supposed “sins”. How they did this and what they were thinking is the topic of today’s X-piece.

. . . . Much of this masochism comes from European chicks “worrying”. Behind a supposedly courageous cunting front, the Euro-chick worries about her standing with her girlfriends, worries about the health of her little chicklits, and worries that her husband can be kept in chains, tied at her ankle to his ankle at all times.

. . . . The Renaissance Mona Lisa painting shows not a woman in sublime back-resting condition, but a woman hiding.

. . . . She adjures the viewer to pay attention to her and respect her. Da Vinci has captured this perfectly. *X sweeps a hand and little butterflies trail the sweep of his arm* The artist becomes the demi-god. The demi-god breathes rarefied air while working.

. . . . Art provides one venue for absorbing the history of self-hate in European history. The belief in some quarters that Jews are the “chosen people”, even though those quarters have no connection with the latter, is a self-flagellating one. Low feelings of comparison among and between European nations, such as self-hatred among Poles when looking up at Germans, facilitates a more general self-ill-regard among European types.

. . . . The Christian who hates himself for his sins is reaching for a higher ground to forgive him for his state of being. His self-hate is both more ethereal and more feet-grounded than that what an ethnic group has to offer. He (or in some cases, others) provides the whip to scourge out the bad karmic sins . . .

. . . . The real reason to self-scourge is to emerge feeling better and healthier. It’s like placing a leech on the skin. No better reason than that.

. . . . The Christian trudges across the Eurasian landmass, forgetful and forgotten, carrying a loose bag of possessions on a stick across his back in some versions of parallel universe. In some places and times, a Russian tyrant welcomes them with open arms. In other times, he enslaves them as the fools he sees them to be.

. . . . When, in 1991, after 70+ years of firmness, the European state of Russia threw off the chains of Soviet Union, it lost the chains of power. The X-Men cartoon Russian character named “Colossus” was a playtime vision of the former state of Soviet Russia. Now all the former republics scurried from the exits like mice from a stomping foot. The Russians had no military pride to make them feel good anymore. You can freeze in the dark, it seems, as long as you’re prideful at your strength.

. . . . Strength is not just defensive. It is more properly defined as offensive. The European offshoot of the United States of America plunged into Mexico repeatedly, like a virile rapist taking the body of a 14-year-old girl, and asserted itself, feeling good about itself. But with the reversal of immigration and the growth of mestizo numbers in the land — the land which Homeland Security swears to protect from perversion as well theoretically — the U.S.A. turns its back on its rapeage heritage and vows to be a kinder, gentler — weaker — HEGEMON.

. . . . The hegemon is not deceived, howevermuch the illegal immigration goes along weakening its homogeneity. Power comes with the fist. European nations birthed the U.S. first among many. There is a lineup behind the U.S. in the family four. When the memory of shame is closed off, then — and only then — can the family four fuse like a titanium reaction.

was written by Xtasorcery

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