Your discovery of dream seeds

This is

. . . . “The dreamer’s diseasee.” What on earth could that be?

. . . . There is a new religion floating around. Journeyism. It aspires to raise consciousness to a new level. It revolves around the sun. It seeks multiple suns out, out there, way beyond the Milky Way.

. . . . The pantheon of gods gives way to a Monotheistic God gives way to . . . what? There are Watchers, who sometimes lend a hand, if you please them. The Watchers come in all stripes and shapes. There is a billion, more of them. Some of them concentrate on one world or place. Others are nomads. These Watchers guarantee the integrity of the travelirs’ paths, up or down, as it may be.

. . . . Travelirs are us, as we are dreaming. As long as we believe in the integrity and realism of the dream, the dreams have reality someplace. Someplace near or far.

. . . . Parallel worlds act as cups containing the juice of our dreams. Drunken planets are on an axis which mirrors our own axis.

. . . . And in the end, the Watchers guide us to another Afterlife that is like this one, but better or worse depending on how well we entertained them.

. . . . Hola!

Dear Thomas Edison,

Thank you for your quote:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

X has always been willing to try again. But sometimes the failure rate — particularly with the X-ian websites — feels like surrender.

I like the game and the twists they entail. Even damage to my body feels like fun in pursuit of a Greater Hobby. You too must smile a rueful smile every time you put down a wrench and pick up a clipboard to make a check mark on the progress you are making.

Thomas, a big part of the purpose of this Pro Blog is to look inside myself using a mirror I couldn’t ordinarily use.

Defying the inside-outside impermeable barrier we come closer to becoming our Ultimate Self, the penultimate badass just one step away from the tiger-man, the wolf-creature, the hounds around the dragon . . .

Keep plugging wherever you be, Mr. Edison.

Yours in sincerity,

— X.

was written by Xtasorcery

4 thoughts on “Your discovery of dream seeds

  1. This type of speculation is good and indicates a soul that is striving for both knowledge and beauty. There are those that will mock it of course, but we must remain fixed to the horizon of greatness.

    Never stop listening to Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkries.”


    1. The belief in a Religion that is different from the existing ones is like keeping stores of powder on a dry day . . . you want to be ready to fire off your belief at others, while protecting the belief/powder from mistreatment.

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  2. Perhaps the watchers led to your website today X. I opened up my browser on my phone and it took me here without my bidding. Weird.

    I have been thinking on this subject lately. I have always been very Christian and still am. I know all about the “raise your vibration” movement and think there is alot of truth to it and strive to raise mine. I read alot and research alot. I keep an open mind but the BS detector on max. Lately I have been sort of question alot about Christ. Some doubts have arisen but at this moment I have chosen to continue my faith in him. I liked your analogy of the powder concerning beliefs. Its true!

    Keep pushing man, you have great talent.


  3. Your encouragement is worth a thousand gold coins, Zeratul.

    xx’I’ve read the Holy Bible and it has lots of good stuff in it, such as
    the parables and the tales. The man who goes in a lion’s den and the
    story of Solomon arbitrating between two mothers comes to mind.

    Spirituality comes down from the sky in waves.


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