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. . . . It’s ridiculous how much time I wasted on my belly in front of the glowing, shifting light of the Center of the Universe (aka TV). As a child, I devoted a considerable fraction of all the childhood time I was ever going to have being force-fed the wasteful garbage of an over-saturated media supernova still spilling out its distant photons from a galaxy far

away, making us believe its dogmas and virtues, making us blind to many truths.

. . . . “Airwolf” and “Gilligan’s Island” were two of xx’my favorite television shows when growing up.

. . . . One was about a kickass aircraft

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. . . . that rose directly up from behind a cavern ring of stone. Piloted by a weary but decent pilot, and powered by incredible techno-gifts, the Airwolf was always ready for a thrown-down match.

. . . . The period of time the two serieses were made was characterized by economic stability and a comedown from social turbulence. “Flower Power” was in an interregnum period to giving way to the “Money Eighties”. This meant, naturally, that features of the past and postmodern were clashing at certain points.

. . . . The worst points of clash is how the series reacted to money. In both cases money was viewed as a conditional item of good, with certain drawbacks. Ultimately, however, money won through — as it usually does.

. . . . “Gilligan’s Island” was about six “castaways” who somehow managed to find food all enough for them, esp. enough to keep “Skipper” fat. Gilligan looked like a little gay fuck-buddy. Perhaps that’s a little too much info or speculation for you guys.

. . . . Barring the old woman dripping with jewels, the two females were hot, naturally. One was a farmgirl. One was a starlet. Watch the cat-fights between them! (But it never happened. How strange, that two natural competitors for the arm of the Professor or Skipper would skip out on all their rrrrawwring and meowrrring).

Airwolf was newer on TV than Gilligan’s Island. These multi-generational tools of the media magnate were cheap to produce, easy-to-syndicate, and lighthearted. They never lit the flares of indignation, resentment, or wild reaction.

. . . . Gilligan’s Island would have specials after its run was complete and it reached syndication heaven.

. . . . There were robots in one. The Harlem Globetrotters fake-basketball team in one, maybe the same one. The Islanders looked pleased to pocket the money.

. . . . Airwolf was always a show the writers had to struggle to find a plot for that week’s episode. Actually, Gilligan’s Island featured a similar structure. Aside from the plot holes of a Japanese soldier waking up around the island’s shores, you could only pluck the strings of so many musical ideas, metaphically speaking.

. . . . It was a lonesome place. When you have a show like Boston Legal you can show an infinite amount of detail and with society changing there’s always a plethora of new cases to be adjudicated by the judge and peer-eye-squinted by average slobs. Not Gilligan’s Island/Airwolf.

. . . . Imagine a merger of the two shows. Airwolf would be based on the island. The Pilot would show Gilligan how to show to step inside the front of the craft. The Pilot would guide Gilligan’s hand over the “fire rear explosives” button. Gilligan would accidentally launch them all while landed on the solid ground of the grotto-side beach. BOOM! CRASH! EXPLODE!

. . . . Gilligan would shakily get out of the untouched helicopter. The Pilot would catch him and whisper

— Never do that again.

. . . . Gilligan smiled like a boy caught at cheating. The end.     

. . . . This time period revolves ultimately around the Jealous One, and my treatment of her.

. . . . She is weakened but not out-for-the-count. It irritates me to include her in my pro blog, but there you have it. She is of some importance to my future. My future. MY FUTURE.

. . . . And Whatever touches upon that, is golden in retrospect.        

. . . . We’ve entered the rainy season here in Vancouver.

. . . . I’m equipped for it, though. No need to worry, gentle reader. (Or unequal barbarian chafing at the bit.)

. . . . Talking of techno-barbarism, I’m glad I brought it up.

. . . . There is a whisper of change in the air on Planetary Surface Earth. Hitler tried to replace Western weakness with Willpower but was foiled. There are others out there who would socialize where he militarized. Not everyone has grown to believe that peace & gentlessness are the only paths to take. Not everyone.

was written by Xtasorcery

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