Danger Boy’s Intro

Methinks we outta start

this boardroom meet’n with a sad count’ry song. I got a hankie in case I cry. Wait — I cry now. Okay. Better much.

Oops, I got an erection!

Methinks the sun looks so pretty. The cars are far away and tiny.

Can I move my high chair over toward the boardroom whiteboard? I’s promise I won’t mess it up. Why you always blame me for messing it? Danger Boy’s okay with hard doin’ things! Nobody gives Danger Boy the stuff he needs! I will pout til I get things done the way I want.

Danger Boy can do things!

Danger Boy is on the prowl! Danger Boy is on the prowl!

Danger Boy gets promoted!

I’s proud today. The corporation promoted me to head of marketing. The CEO sez someone “like me” can do it. I made up lots of bristol board sheets. One shows a giant tongue sticking out. There’s about fifty of those, different tongues. I got a bit brown one showing the guys ’round the Big Boss and their tongues. They always laugh a little at his jokes. He is angry at me because I don’t laugh and sez *I* be the Big Joke.

Danger Boy is on the prowl! Danger Boy is on the prowl!

But the joke’s on him. I’ll get him fired when I talk to the Chairman of the Board.

He likes me.

The Chairman of the Board has such a pretty daughter. She let me take her hand. I felt her up under her skin. Her palm feel like a . . . pillow or somethin’. I beat off to her later on. I ‘fessed up and she turned pink when I told her and I threw a giant big hug around her. Danger Boy gets all the girls. I’z proud of being who I am.

No matter the danger or the color of the skies, whatever the planet you’re on, however big-skulled the Down Syndrome people you have to deal with, remember . . .


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