Technoglitzy Interior Decorating

I’ve spent

the past hour redoing and re-up-beautifying my entire website.

The choice to redo did not come easily.

(1) It is fraught with possibilities 99 out of 100 lead to failure.

(2) It taxes my mental abilities

(3) It reminds me of my general dire mental and emotional condition

But anyway *X waves hand dismissively in one direction* I won. Foe virtual is alive again! Foe has completed. Foe has done it. Now it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks with caulking, speaking of a reminder of the new holey features which have mysteriously appeared in my building.

The magic is in the magnetic patterns on the 1980s music tapes.

The magic is in the digital flash drives of the 2020s play micro devices.

*X raising hands* This is the virtual version of the Dragon City — behold! Cry your tears of joy and welcome. Your supportive master has come to you; be still your beating heart, feel the ice spreading across a world of tropics of senselessness and useless redundancies. I build the ice of stars.

Come step on the wide, sweeping stairs to the skies with me; night is darkening now.

The book on Stalin is lying on its back (?) in the 6th floor of the Central Library. It contains information on how Stalin intimidated a whole country of hundreds of millions into bowing before him; how he made them think he was the boyar, the master.

It awaits anyone, just like Judith Arcana’s Every Mother’s Son, at the opposite side of the spectrum, displays cuntery in its fullest feather.

Making money is about finding a niche and — *X widening his arms with repeated motions of strength — making it grow — *repeated motion* — and grow growgrow!

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