How to revolt from conventions peaceably and attractively

You don’t

have to kiss a man’s ass to be liked. Being strong and independent is man enough. He’ll want to do things to get on your side.

Occasionally, just occasionally, break eggs with him. Don’t bother smiling if you don’t want to. Eat in silence, bend one knee in his direction. Try not to blow your nose.

Do the things Superman would do if Superman came to your small town one fine morning. Clark Kent’s too much of a weenie. Superman is the ideality you’re aiming for when you stand back, arms folded, a sense of security and serenity wrapped around yourself. Appreciate the world like a fine glass of wine and be willing to share this overweening vintage.

The final image you want to leave everybody is a ghost leaving a contented house; having committed no permanencies, but making everyone supernaturally keen on your next whispery arrival and departure.

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