If dissatisfied, purge through shopping

I’m dreaming

a lot, which is good because it passes time. I’m waiting for a state of optimality where everything is hunky-dory.

My apartment is top-notch for its location and the value given for its price, so why I am I so in general dissatisfied about my existence?

I bought

  • a pair of lightweight black winter boots for $110
  • a Guess winter sweater for $35 from Winners
  • a gorgeous RUSH hoodie that fits well that I’m wearing
  • a great jacket with dotted black spots that I wore this (cold) morning on my walk to IGA on Burrard and Smithe to get food

I’m on a shopping spree! Yippee! Money rippling through hands!

There is a book sale coming up on the mid-September timetable in which I might make an attendance. The last time I saw the books there were some damn good ones. Love to make a library for the first time in my life. Think on that, skeptic-cynic. There is a modicum of happiness waiting for me out there where the stars lie; there is a welcome mat to greet me by True Friends (oh god true friends!); there will be cash in vast piles, and when the snows come I’ll be ready for them in my sassy new boots . . .

Dating — in its optimum sense — involves rippling a deck of cards who represent lovely young lasses. They go through them, you scan, and you pick. Your time is limited. Besides, they’re of limited interest, each separate one. It’s always almost time to move on. They’ll sense that and you’ll get good results over it.

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