The guide to the White House

Shortly after

becoming Prez, Donald Trump dropped Stephen Bannon like a hot stone. Was he distancing himself or was he giving the illusion of distance? (“Oh well, now that I’ve won, I don’t need him any more” — vs. — “(sneaky look back and forth) I’ll keep Steve in the background because he’s useful.

More than any other man, Mr. Stephen Bannon crafted the trajectory of the Trump war-shell into the political landscape. Of course that gelled with the political persuasions that the Golden Don had when he lifted the ring cable and stepped into the ring. Donald was a fighter. He was looking for his peoplehis crowd, a crowd to cheer for him even on rainy days like some of the bleakest days of his life . . . wives leaving him, lawyers threatening to tear apart pre-nups and ruin the Trump Organization, all that . . . And behold, a man appears, a Svengali to make it all right . . .

More loudly than any other bomblet, Donald Trump went off in his own inimitable way. But Bannon stacked the sides with extra OOMPH.

Consider this: Stephen Bannon returning to the White House, briefly, to secure 2020 and then we’ll see what happens . . .

What self-embedded tricks may be turning in the clockwork contraptions of Donald Trump’s consciousness and subconsciousness?

What X-tacular gifts are the Master of the Free World dancing to, when he moves alone in the night?

He jokes with us . . .

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