Cossack Rebellion land: Mission Volga River

Russia, a

Great Power up until the 1800s, homeland of the Great Slavs, was stuck up and caught in the grinding gears of Mechanical History’s unyielding forces until toward the end of that century. One of the only European countries to lack a national consultative parliament at least, Autocratic Russia trembled under the thumb of a tsar who also inspired contempt and derision. The secret police served him on bended knee and seemed to ripple up more negative effects than problems they solved.

Russia was built for rebellion. Jury-rigged, you might say. It was expansive, offering prairie-dog-like warrens to hide in. It was multicultural, making the alien and the exotic the norm (more hiding places). And it was top-heavy societally, with too many officials doing too little for too much.

Starting at the start of the Twentieth Century, an attempt was made to bring Russia up-to-date, and quell its many disturbances. But this attempt only emboldened the revolutionaries, as might ought to have been expected.

The revolutionaries, some of whom, like Lenin, had family who had been killed by those in power, were not about to put down their spears and tridents just because the autocrats and his buddies “made nice” with fountain pen writing gestures. It was a trick. Their whole society looked like one big trick, a magic illusion-game designed to suck truth and profit and honor from the broad many and siphon it into a monster car machine with striped purple flaming sides driven by the tsar and packed with his ass-licking lackeys.

In the end, it was a World War which would, predictably, push Russia over the precipice. And the latter such would be given a name:

The Russian Revolution.

In movies, the criminal masterthief must pass through a lattice network of bright red laser lines without triggering or setting it off.

Why not just cut the Gordian Knot and rush the place with 20 highly paid, well-armed mercenaries?

The Conqueror’s Solution is always better when it is crystallized from the purity of intent found in the blackest of hearts.

One thought on “Cossack Rebellion land: Mission Volga River

  1. The Russian Slavic man was duped by the venomous snake within his borders: the Luceferian Jew. So Marx, Trotsky, Kagonovich and the thousands of others helped to slowly defile the great Motherland. Solzhenitsyn spelled out what happened beautifully in 200 Years Together. In short, the great Russian was grinded to death in the greasy wheels of the Matzoh Machine.


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