Shitting Disease

I have been shitting

three, four, five times a day. I hope it isn’t irritable bowel syndrome. Oftentimes it’s runny shit, too. I don’t have much time to run to a toilet. Three times in the past decade I’ve been hit by a daylong bout of chronic diarrhea too, where I get up and run to the toilet (or outdoors) and then run back to lie down, and rest and recuperate.

My shits are a reminder that life sucks. Life could be so amazing, and instead I find myself writing diary entry after diary entry on how I’m sleeping too much, or I find myself in pain, or I’m looking for a place to stay. The shits are a reminder of all that, and worse.

The days in Vancouver are worth living for. This is truly an eye-wowing city. The seawall is the best and the ocean, with the mountains taking a near-second. I’d shit for that!

No, seriously.

Shit is the shits.

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