Falling car

4165 Deepdive Vektor, Edgeworld

“Kinetic Murder” by Xtasorcery

             On Davie Street in Vancouver, there was a falling car.

             It fell from a clear blue sky, not a lot of sounds in the surrounding area. When it landed, it went CRUNCH big-time, and bounced up slightly. The ghost of previous kinetic motions — skateboards on the sidewalks, that kind of thing — seemed to ripple through the air. The car wasn’t moving anymore, it was as dead as a kicked-to-death beast. It was gonzo.

             Three birds flew over and perched on its windshield wipers. Like judge advocates, they pecked serenely at the windshield. Black birds. Like crows.

             They flew away and a boy of about nine came up to the vehicle. His name was Jake and his hair was combed straight back from his forehead and stuck there by gel. Jake was a cool young dude. He looked brazenly in the rolled-down windows and then opened one door and slid in. The squashed people below were soon forgotten.

             As soon as he did, psychedelic colors began strobing around the vehicle. The car played a little all-drum music. It bounced on its suspension. The boy was frozen in motion. Then he passed out.

             Jake grew up in a foreign land. He hunted animals long extinct on our Earth. In his tall, strong, young adulthood, he was merciless and efficient. The only thing he missed — the only thing he bothered to devote energy to keeping fresh in his mind — wasn’t his family, nor his friends, but one thing only:

             Video games.

             And when he hunted for flesh in a distant world, he imagined himself cradling a gun in Call of Duty and striding toward a future no one but himself might comprehend. It was a weird time, it was the best of times, and Jake was there to live it.

             Jake’s mirror image in a parallel reality caught a car flying straight UP . . . Jake2.

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