Sundial made of barbed wire


The United States in 1945

was the only country in the world to possess any nuclear weapons. It should have known enough about Soviet Russia, butchers of the Poles at Katyn Forest, builder of the gulags and enacter of the purges, to know that Stalin — their vile-fisted leader — would move to compete directly against America for sole ownership of the World.

Move move — America — move USA red blue white — move beach-land — move frosty up-Country — move move move

Knowing this, America should have used its nuclear edge to wipe out Russia — or force a surrender. Either tactic could have been used in the course of a grand strategy to avoid a 40-year Cold War fraught with danger.

But no. America is gridlocked, and eternally hamstrung by “ethics considerations”. No one cares about ethics at that level but America, but the U.S. is persistent in applying its precepts to the real world.

Stalin started off the nuclear age by blustering, stating that nuclear weapons didn’t matter — meanwhile he put a priority A1A on getting nukes for his own side. Using turncoat commiesymps in America to get him the relevant paperwork, he succeeded in setting off a powerful bomb in 1949. From then on it was tit-for-tat, hydrogen bomb for hydrogen bomb, and so on.

America is blind, and the blind are weak. Only those who pop up and CLEARLY DEFY American interests in the HERE AND NOW get put down. Everyone else gets a pass, even when they are the more dangerous in the long run.

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