Deeper away, deeper gray

We each

have our public face, and our private selves. This intolerable situation is encouraged by the rote behaviors others do around us. The general atmosphere of hiding emphasizes it.

Every wall is thin, however. Ask just a little, and you’ll receive the truth in an alarming number of cases.

The reason the truth is alarming is because it is generally ugly. The truth shall not “set you free”; it’ll make you turn away in wincing.

The public face of a Dark Sportster is a shadowy, billowy one, as if blown by fairly strong air currents. The private self of said person varies in a million different ways, more than the 10 or so main private selves of the larger population around.

Elite status allows Sportster public faces to unfold like a flower’s petals, and turn toward a sun of universal truth. The right to rule of the Sportster is something that also gets emphasized in the rush for the door to Freedom.

In conclusion, it is better to be Dark than Pussy. Pussy conforms conforms conforms — all the time. Dark puts one foot firmly in the light and drags you back into the gray shadows.

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