Sundial made of barbed wire

             The United States in 1945 was the only country in the world to possess any nuclear weapons. It should have known enough about Soviet Russia, butchers of the Poles at Katyn Forest, builder of the gulags and enacter of the purges, to know that Stalin — their vile-fisted leader — would move to compete […]

Deeper away, deeper gray

We each have our public face, and our private selves. This intolerable situation is encouraged by the rote behaviors others do around us. The general atmosphere of hiding emphasizes it. Every wall is thin, however. Ask just a little, and you’ll receive the truth in an alarming number of cases. The reason the truth is […]

Story Time: Lovers For Real

“Lovers For Real” by Xtasorcery Joey walked the gray streets of Mississauga, looking past the glassy colorful buildings, looking around with his enhanced eyes. He zoomed in on a couple having a verbal fight. The guy wanted an open relationship where he got to sleep around and play the field. She didn’t. He was good-looking […]