A blue magus looks at the near-blue color within mass culture spheres

Currently, the balance

has tipped to the far left in the culture industries. If you want to write a book, it must jibe with “progressive” principles. Certainly if you want to be on TV — the most sacred of thought-sanctuaries — you have to hew to the unwritten constitution of television . . . which may be described as democracy that is twisted in favor of pet projects, from racial equality to skepticism about corporations. Is this the right thing? xx’We’ll see.

Eccentrics are allowed to practice their wares, like cartoonist R. Crumb, who once penned a “racist” cartoon but was largely ignored by the cultural gatekeepers because he was a small, and acquired, taste. When George Lucas produced an all-White Star Wars, a few subtle words were dropped in his ears about what to do next time, and by the time Episode 7 rolled around, the hero was a She and minorities were dominant in the cast.

Yet, only a minority is truly hardcore Left. It is the atmosphere of Fear which benefits them. Any writer who comes up with the line “Dirty Hoe” for a gardening product Marge Simpson uses on The Simpsons is not really Left. The general Leftists are kind and generous — soft, really.

The left says “United States” rather than “America”. The left is keen to use “Ms.” The left shuns away from fighting.

When a protest breaks out, the Left tends to be the organizers and propagandizers more than the actual marchers, who tend to be dumb kids just entering university. The Left is really good at organizing because it uses nepotism to recruit its own kind to its newfound institutions.

When the Left loses, it pouts and sullenly reacts, or actually responds with overgraduated terror, as when Donald Trump was victorious in 2016. The Left is a sore loser. When you grow up half your life a loser, then the second half a winner by cheating, you value the winning part all the more and are stunned by setbacks all the more.

But because the Left is not the majority, the Arts community tries to accommodate it while doing its own thing. Rape scenes of young girls like Dakota Fanning and other advanced, a-moral material gets propagated despite the Left-Losers, who are too timid and disinterested to attempt such fare.

In conclusion, there is a Dictatorship, but it clamps down hardest on the hard-Right, not on the creative dissolute classes that lack a weak-pussy moral compass, choosing fun and inspiration over protection of the innocent and protection of self. And there you go!

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