RE: The saving of mass cultural artifacts within corporate archives When George Lucas sold his Lucasfilm to Disney, including all the rights to the characters and movies themselves, for $4 billion, he was tossing the baton with the fire to the strong runner behind him. Long after Lucas passes his wearisome existence, Disney will be […]

Story Time: Snake Charmer

“Snake Charmer” by Xtasorcery The snake slithered. Its head reared up slightly. Its eyes were flat, lusterless. A black color as deep as the darkest night. The snake’s undulating skin was the color of yellow-gold and black, in alternating bands. Its tongue flickered out. And the man who carried it on his shoulder was the […]

The depthful wall grid of 3 x 3 where the 1 x 1 space is a shelf for a book entitled “Shadowburn”

In the early twentieth century, after the Allies had won the war, a dictatorship of democracy was empressed upon the losers. The most important nation to be made democratic was also the most powerful: Germany, and its democratic effort was given the name the Weimer Republic, named after a place where the framers met. It […]